Private investigator: how to find out if your partner is cheating on you!

In this article, the expert tells you what options you have if you suspect your partner is cheating on you. Detective Mag. Richard Wallner is tasked by clients to investigate the issue of infidelity in relationships because he has often been responsible for surveillance work when suspicions have arisen.

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1.Your partner's behavior changes

Unfaithful partners often unconsciously change their behavior. Suddenly, the cell phone is no longer left lying around and attempts are made to make secret phone calls,” says Mag. Wallner. A sudden increase in overtime at work, evening appointments or suddenly more frequent business travel could also be an indication that something is wrong.

2. Unfaithful partners develop an unusual degree of vanity

Often, unfaithful partners also try to improve their appearance. “A few kilos less on the scales, new clothes, new perfume, suddenly going to the gym again. These could all be indications of perhaps wanting to please someone in particular,” says Detective Wallner. Of course, these are not “proof” of infidelity, but they could be clear signs.

Detektei, Detektiv, Detektiv Wien, Privatdetektiv Wien, Detektei Wien, Detektei Graz, Detektivbüro, Detektei Baden
Detektei, Detektiv, Detektiv Wien, Privatdetektiv Wien, Detektei Wien, Detektei Graz, Detektivbüro, Detektei Baden

3. Important: what you should know about the psychology of cheating

Cheating takes time and also requires some planning so that the affair is not exposed.

“It's actually always the case that one person in the affair wants ‘more’ than just a quick fling: dinner together, long talks, waking up together, or maybe even spending a weekend together.

This makes things increasingly difficult for the unfaithful partner, and slowly but surely he or she runs out of excuses. It becomes nerve-wracking and stressful!” explains Mag. Wallner.

4. My partner is often irritable. What does this mean?

Detective Wallner knows from experience: “Unfaithful partners often react irritably and feel spied on. On the one hand, of course, this is an attempt not to give the game away but, on the other, it’s also due to a guilty conscience,” he reports.

Euphoria or particularly buoyant moods are also not uncommon. But if the good mood cannot be used for partnership or tenderness, an affair could be behind it.

Detektei, Detektiv, Detektiv Wien, Privatdetektiv Wien, Detektei Wien, Detektei Graz, Detektivbüro, Detektei Baden

Don’t you have the courage to approach your partner about infidelity?

“My top tip is: if you’re planning on using a detective and finally want to have some clarity, don’t approach your partner with your suspicions!

As soon as the partner feels caught out, it becomes difficult but also costly to successfully find out the truth. The partner will be all the more cautious and may “spin like a top” before going to a rendezvous.

Which then requires the use of more elaborate methods.

A good solution for this situation:

a detective quickly and easily finds out whether the partner is unfaithful or not. “I’ve already observed many allegedly unfaithful partners and can reassure people that a fling is not always the reason for the change in behavior.

In the end, you only want one thing: certainty,” says Mag. Wallner.

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How much does a detective cost and how does an observation work?

“Just ask yourself this question. How much money would it be worth to you to save your partnership or marriage?” the professional detective asks. “I can guarantee you that my fee is well below that,” he says with a twinkle in his eye. “Anyway, I always offer free initial consultations and it doesn’t cost anything to ask,” he adds.

In many cases, the client also has the possibility of recovering the investigation costs from the “unfaithful other”. In this case, successfully establishing the truth costs nothing.

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This is what’s best to do when you suspect your partner is cheating on you.

First talk to an expert who has years of experience in this field – Mag. Wallner, for example. His detective agency has offices in Vienna, Baden, Salzburg, and Graz, and offers a free consultation by appointment, or by phone if you prefer.

“Please don’t hesitate to contact me. You’re also welcome to do so immediately. My experience means that I understand your situation very well – the uncertainty, the fear, and the personal insult you’re currently experiencing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I can and will help you. Quickly and without complications!” says private investigator Mag. Wallner.

Take the opportunity now to contact the expert directly. As already mentioned, an initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

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Are you worried you’re being scammed and would like a free consultation now?

Then send a message to Mag. Wallner right away. If you prefer to remain anonymous, simply use your first name. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and will treat all inquiries with absolute confidentiality.


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