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Tracing people

Current figures confirm that some 150-200 children and adolescents are currently listed as missing persons. The search for and investigation of missing or hiding persons is one of our main activities.

Our detectives collaborate with international informants, intelligence agencies, authorities and detective agencies in order to accelerate clarification of the fate of missing persons.

Our search for people is not limited to minors, but also includes debtors or fraudsters, who can be investigated by detective work.

Our detective agency also offers help in cases of telephone terror, stalking, psychological terror and blackmail. Ask us what we can do for your situation, completely without obligation.

Our detective agency documents the process of every operation it undertakes in such a way that it can be used in court if necessary. To that end, we maintain comprehensive, written records. These are accompanied by visual material and, if possible, by documents or evidential records which we produce or procure in the course of executing the assignment.

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